“[Frankie Comics] is a surefire hit for cat lovers.”
– Tricia, Razorcake

“Dukes’ Frankie comics are clear, well-drawn, and (most importantly) funny.”
– Rob Clough, High-Low

“Dukes breathes new life into a genre (cute pet comics) that is quite a tired one. Her sense of design and timing is just outstanding and it serves her well repeatedly.”
– Brian Cronin, Comics Should Be Good

“Rachel Dukes gets personal in a way that is totally safe for work. Frankie Comics explain that fun is rarely more than a crazy furball away. If you aren’t a cat person, you will be by the last page.”
– Rachel Ann Millar, Paperlinks Press

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2016 – Beyond. Lambda Literary Award. (LGBT Anthology, Fiction.)
2013 – Frankie Comics #1. Art Exchange Program Grant winner.
2006 – Primary #1. Women Webcomikers Grant NAN.