Primary is a coming of age romance set in the late 1980′s that follows a group of friends as they learn about the follies of friendships and relationships.History:
Primary started out more like a premonition then anything else. I was 14 years old, up way past my bedtime, and drawing. I was drawing a young man with short dark hair, puppy dog eyes, and a long jacket. As I finished up the image, two names popped into my head almost simultaneously: Toubi, Aiden. And with that, the characters and basic premise of the story was born.(Check out some of the old, embarrassing artwork that spawned the series to the right. From 2001-2005.)

Scenes flowed into my head almost constantly until the end of High School. I talked about the story and drew the characters constantly; my friends came to know the characters and story almost as well as I did. I illustrated many scenes for fun and practice, but knew I wasn’t ready to “start Primary“, and vowed to illustrate and publish Primary after I finished college.

In 2006, I submitted a pitch about Primary to the first annual Women Webcomikers Grant NAN presented by veteran comic artist Lea Hernandez, and was one of four recipients on October 16th.

I’m hoping to syndicate Primary online beginning the summer of 2013.

About the Artist:

Born three months premature, Rachel has always been determined and stubborn. In the first grade, she drew her first comic strips and proclaimed to her teacher that she would like to do comics when she grew up. At the age of ten she was approached by the LA Times to do a syndicated comic strip, but turned their offer down because she was ten and didn’t know any better.

In High School, Rachel started her first online comic and built a website which would later become her publishing front, Poseur Ink. Rachel has interned at Top Cow Entertainment, was one of the first recipients of the Women Webcomikers Grant NAN, and received her Bachelors of Science in Media Arts and Animation. She currently lives in White River Junction where she self publishes comics and comic anthologies.

She is currently studying for her Masters of Fine Arts at The Center for Cartoon Studies.