Rachel Dukes is a MFA graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies (2013) who self-publishes on her website Mixtape Comics. Despite her attempts to avoid being a cat-lady, her most popular strips always feature her cat. Her first self-published mini-comic of those strips, Frankie Comics, was a winner of the 2013 Art Exchange program by Marc Calvary.

Rachel draws comics for BOOM! Studios’ Garfield, Mitch Clem’s As You Were, and is a regular contributor to anthologies and fanzines by other indie cartoonists. She is also secretly working on her first graphic novel, slated for a 2015 release.

For ten years, Rachel ran the small press mini comics and distribution company, Poseur Ink (2003-2013). During that time Poseur Ink published collections of Dukes’ journal comic Intentionally Left Blank and the anthologies Side A: The Music Lover’s Graphic Novel and Side B: The Music Lovers Comic Anthology. Poseur Ink was also a distributed work by indie cartoonists Megan Rose Gedris, Colleen Frakes, Box Brown, Josh PM Frees, and Ed Brisson.

During that same decade, Dukes’ also ran the custom badge/button website Mod Buttons where she created custom merchandise for other artists/companies such as: NIS America, John Fluevog Shoes, Saddle Creek Record, and VampireFreaks.

Rachel is a recent transplant to Los Angeles where she self-publishes comics and comic anthologies. She can be contacted directly at dukes.rachel (at) gmail.com

Fanfare, Poseur Ink, 2001-2003
Prophesy of Destiny (Fanart), Moonation, 2002
Keenspace Spotlight 2003, Keenspot, 2003
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake (Alt. Cover), Boom Studios, 2013
Garfield #23 (Back-up story, “Malade d’Amour (Lovesick)”), Boom Studios, 2014

Life’s So Rad Zine Vol. 2 (Fanart), Rad Industries, 2002
Intentionally Left Blank (2008 edition), Poseur Ink, 2009
Intentionally Left Blank (2009 edition), Poseur Ink, 20010
Primary Vol. 1, Poseur Ink, 2009
Recycle Love, Poseur Ink, 2009
Holding Up Under Stress, Poseur Ink, 2011
Adventure Story, Poseur Ink, 2012
Frankie’s Busy Day, Poseur Ink, 2012
Coffee Cats, Mixtape Comics, 2012
Let Me Walk You Home,
Mixtape Comics, 2013
Frankie Comics #1,
Mixtape Comics, 2013
Stay With Me,
Mixtape Comics, 2013
Frankie Comics #2, Mixtape Comics, 2014

Untitled, 2005, Unseen on TV, Young American Comics
Untitled, 2006, Adv.s of Capt. Preposterous & Obsequious Dean, Young Amer. Comics
Untitled, 2006, The Big Ol’ Book of BIZMAR, Young American Comics
A Little Bit Country. A Lot Rock and Roll, 2007, Side A, Poseur Ink
M4M: Hot Tub Hottie, 2009, I Saw You…Missed Connection Comics, Three Rivers Press
Rock Band Extravaganza, 2009, Side B, Poseur Ink
Untitled, 2009, Fine Literature Vol. 2, Mason Street Press
Untitled, 2009, Color Ink Book Vol. 5, Color Ink Book
Kitty vs. Kitty, 2009, Big Sexy, Offshore Comix
Lucky Dog, 2012, The Cartoon Crier, NCN & CCS
Workin’ for the Clampdown (art), 2012, Irene #1, Irene
4th of July Parade Tips (art), 2013, Seven Days: Cartoon Issue, Seven Days
Untitled, 2013, Queerotica, Queerotica
Rabbit Gets Klunked…, 2013, As You Were #2, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
Ghost Cat, 2013, Gulp!, River Bird Comics
Untitled, 2013, Food Zine, Lauren Jordan
Stay With Me, 2013, Andromeda Quartery #5, Little Tired Press
Shiny, 2014, Maple Key Comics #1, Maple Key Comics
Average Handling Time (art), 2014, Broken Telephone, The Whole Story
Discovering TOS, 2014, To Boldly Zine, Dafna Pleban
Untitled, 2014, My Radio Zine, Sleepyhead Press
Spiraling, 2014, Symbolia Magazine, Symbolia
Analysis of Multiclassing… (art), 2014, SubCultures, Ninth Art Press
Luminosity (art), 2014, Beyond, Rachel Edidin and Sfé M

The Frame Show, Everybody Get Up. 2010
The 4×6 Show, The Art Wars Club. 2010
Alumni Gallery Show, AiCASD. 2009
CCS Show, Hotel Coolidge. 2013
Thesis Exhibition, Center for Cartoon Studies. 2013
Spongebob Fan Shellebration, Universal Studios. 2013
A Shared Universe: The Art of Comic Books, Strathmore. 2014
Meatball Head, Meltdown Comics. 2014

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