Mixtape Comics: Comics & Art by Rachel Dukes


Masters of Fine Art. The Center for Cartoon Studies, 2013
Bachelors Degree of Media Arts and Animation. The Art Institute of California - San Diego, 2006

Comics, Cartooning, Illustration, Design

Destiny NY (Art. "Summer Solstice"), Continuity Entertainment, 2017
Not So Secret Society: Tale of the Gummy (Short.), KaBOOM, 2017
Care Bears Puzzling Path (Short. "A Kite Tail"), Roar Comics, 2017
Shitty Watchmen (Art. Chapter VI), Dave Baker and Nicole Goux with Protein Press, 2017
Adventure Time Comics #6 (Art. "No Chill"), Boom Studios, 2016
Steven Universe: Too Cool for School OGN (Art), Boom Studios, 2016
Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf #01 (Variant Cover), Boom Studios, 2015
Over The Garden Wall #01 (Variant Cover), Boom Studios, 2015
Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special #1 (Art. "Pink Elephant in the Room"), Boom Studios, 2015
Garfield #23 (Art. "Malade d'Amour (Lovesick)"), Boom Studios, 2014
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake (Variant Cover), Boom Studios, 2013
Keenspace Spotlight 2003, Keenspot, 2003
Prophesy of Destiny (Fanart), Moonation, 2002
Fanfare, Poseur Ink, 2001-2003

My Body My Voice!, Protein Press, 2017
Milk & Honey #2, Giancarlo D'Alessandro, 2017
Frankie Comics #4, Mixtape Comics, 2017
So...Mocha (art), Alchemy Comix, 2015
Frankie Comics #3, Mixtape Comics, 2014
Frankie Comics #2, Mixtape Comics, 2014
Stay With Me, Mixtape Comics, 2013
Frankie Comics #1, Mixtape Comics, 2013
Let Me Walk You Home, Mixtape Comics, 2013
Coffee Cats, Mixtape Comics, 2012
Frankie's Busy Day, Poseur Ink, 2012
Adventure Story, Poseur Ink, 2012
Recycle Love, Poseur Ink, 2009
Primary #1, Poseur Ink, 2009
Intentionally Left Blank (2009 collection), Poseur Ink, 2010
Intentionally Left Blank (2008 collection), Poseur Ink, 2009
Life’s So Rad Zine #2 (Fanart), Rad Industries, 2002

Tim'rous Beastie, Iron Circus Comics, 2017
Bottoms Up, Birdcage Bottom Books, 2017
Oath Anthology of New Heroes, Mary's Monster, 2016
As You Were #4, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, 2015
So Buttons, Alchemy Comix, 2015
Beyond, Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts, 2015
SubCultures, Ninth Art Press, 2014
Symbolia Magazine, Symbolia, 2014
To Boldly Zine, Dafna Pleban, 2014
Broken Telephone, The Whole Story, 2014
Maple Key Comics #1, Maple Key Comics, 2014
Andromeda Quartery #5, Little Tired Press, 2013
Gulp!, River Bird Comics, 2013
As You Were #2, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, 2013
Seven Days: Cartoon Issue, Seven Days, 2013
Irene #1, Irene, 2012
The Cartoon Crier, NCN & CCS, 2012
Big Sexy, Offshore Comix, 2009
Side B: The Music Lover's Comic Anthology, Poseur Ink, 2009
I Saw You...Missed Connection Comics, Three Rivers Press, 2009
Side A: The Music Lover's Graphic Novel, Poseur Ink, 2007
The Big Ol’ Book of BIZMAR, Young American Comics, 2006
The Continued Adventures of Captain Preposterous & Obsequious Dean, Young American Comics, 2006
Unseen on TV, Young American Comics, 2005

Degenderettes: Art, The Degenderettes, 2016
Restless Minds, Uppermind Ink, 2014
My Radio Zine, Sleepyhead Press, 2014
Food Zine, Lauren Jordan, 2013
Queerotica, Queerotica, 2013
Color Ink Book Vol. 5, Color Ink Book, 2009
Fine Literature Vol. 2, Mason Street Press, 2009

Serving Pride: The Queer Dinner Party Handbook, Geeks Out, 2017
Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 1 & 2, Workman Publishing, 2017

Post It Show 13, Giant Robot 2. 2017
Pussy Strikes Back! Art Show, Titmouse. 2017
Post It Show 12, Giant Robot 2. 2016
Line Attack 5, Hive Gallery & Studios, 2016
LA Zine Fest Art Show, LA Zine Fest, 2016
The Peanut Gallery, Meltdown Comics. 2016
Post It Show 11, Giant Robot 2. 2015
Dealing With It, Mission: Comics and Art. 2015
Back To The Future: A 2015 Art Tribute, Meltdown Comics. 2015
Celebrating Pete & Pete, Consequence of Sound. 2014
Meatball Head, Meltdown Comics. 2014
Entry Point: Planet Zine!, Portland Zine Symposium. 2014
A Shared Universe: The Art of Comic Books, Strathmore. 2014
Spongebob Fan Shellebration, Universal Studios. 2013
Thesis Exhibition, Center for Cartoon Studies. 2013
CCS Show, Hotel Coolidge. 2013
Alumni Gallery Show, AiCASD. 2009
The 4x6 Show, The Art Wars Club. 2010
The Frame Show, Everybody Get Up. 2010

"Doing it for Themselves: Self-Publishing and DIY Comics" panel. Queers & Comics, April 15, 2017
LA Zine Fest Pre-Fest Reading. Ave 50 Studio, March 4, 2016
Cartoon Art Museum: Cartoonist-in-Residence. FLAX – Fort Mason, January 9, 2016
"Gender in the World of Comics" lecture. Pitzer College – Claremont, November 24, 2015
"Life As An Independent Cartoonist" lecture. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, November 6, 2015
"Enter The Zine Dungeon" panel. Long Beach Comic Con, September 12, 2015
"Thinking Captions" SF Zine Fest Reading. Cartoon Art Museum, September 4, 2015
"Storytelling in Comics" panel. Comic Con International, July 11, 2015
"Getting Press/Promoting Your Zine" panel. Portland Zine Symposium, July 13, 2015
"The Perils of Art Theft" panel. TCAF, May 12, 2014
"Queer Youth and Comics" panel. Wondercon, April 3, 2011
"Queer Cartoonist Panel" panel. APE, October 23, 2010